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  1. General questions

    1. Providing documents via a digital signature (Paperless service)
    2. Возможно ли изменить владельца аккаунта?
    3. How to fill out an application to correct non-existent data
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  2. Payment

    1. How to update / delete a payment card in the NIC.UA account
    2. How to renew the order at NIC.UA?
    3. Payment of the invoice through the Interkassa system
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  3. Domain registration

    1. How to activate PP.UA domain
    2. How can I register the second level .UA domain?
    3. Как зарегистрировать и активировать домен .XXX?
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  4. Domain renewal

    1. PP.UA domains renewal
    2. Why is the price of domain recovery so high?
    3. Domain renewal notifications
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  5. Domain transfer

    1. What is a domain transfer?
    2. How to transfer your domain to NIC.UA
    3. How to transfer a domain from NIC.UA to another registrar?
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  6. Managing domain WHOIS data

    1. How to change the owner of a domain?
    2. Actualization of the owner’s contact if it is not set in the domain
    3. How to change owner (administrator) in .RU, .SU, .РФ domains
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  7. Set up DNS-records for online services

    1. Настройка DNS-записей для сервиса
    2. Domain Verification for Facebook business account
    3. CNAME-запись для верификации домена для сервисов Google
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  8. Name servers and DNS-records

    1. How to configure DNS records for a domain using NIC.UA name servers
    2. How to add redirect record on NIC.UA nameservers
    3. How to add SRV record on NIC.UA name servers
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  9. SSL Certificates

    1. Cannot activate free SSL
    2. Renew a paid SSL certificate
    3. Redirecting your site to https protocol
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  10. Hosting: starting guide (cPanel)

    1. Accessing server web logs on cPanel
    2. Exporting a database on a hosting with cPanel
    3. How to protect access to a folder with a password?
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  11. Hosting: starting guide (DirectAdmin)

    1. Dedicated IP address on the hosting
    2. Exporting a hosted database with DirectAdmin
    3. How to reassign main domain on hosting in Direct Admin
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  12. Email Hosting

    1. Tracking mail delivery in cPanel
    2. Web email interface: how to open, where to find login data (Direct Admin)
    3. Web email interface: how to open, where to find login data (cPanel)
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  13. Web hosting

    1. The hosting order is already closed. Is it possible to restore it?
    2. Trial hosting limitations.
    3. I deleted the hosting system files. What should I do?
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  14. PHP

    1. How to configure HTML files to be processed by PHP
    2. If the PHP script does not work
    3. Как изменить Return-Path, используя функцию PHP mail()?
  15. Database on hosting

    1. Remote connection to a database on hosting
    2. Я не могу загрузить дамп большого размера.
    3. Оптимизация mysql запросов.
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  16. Python

    1. Как проверить работоспособность python?
    2. Если ли у вас поддержка python скриптов на хостинге?
  17. Как настроить

    1. Other basic .htaccess features
    2. Basic .htaccess features: mod_rewrite redirection module
    3. Basic .htaccess features: dealing with web server errors and setting up a 301 redirect
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  18. Joomla

    1. Увеличение производительности joomla в 1000 раз.
    2. Снижение нагрузки Joomla + Virtuemart
  19. Your personal cloud

    1. How to create a virtual machine in cloud
    2. Подключение к удаленному рабочему столу в Windows
    3. Connecting to a virtual machine via SSH
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