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My domain only appears in the 'Name Servers' section. Can I renew it?

If your domain expired more than 28 days ago, you may notice that your domain is no longer visible in the Domains section.

However, you may find an order with the same domain in the section 'Name Servers'.

What kind of order is this and will the domain be renewed if you renew an order in section 'Name Servers'?

In NIC.UA the names of sections in the personal account match the types of orders which are placed in them.

Accordingly, the section 'Domains' contains only domains, the section 'Hosting' – only hosting, and the section 'Name Servers' contains the NS-servers for the domain.

NS-servers for domains in NIC.UA are free. You can use them to enter DNS records for your domain to connect it to hosting or some service.

The renewal of this service will not affect the status of the already closed domain. And for active domains, this service will renew automatically. You do not need to renew it manually.

If your domain is no longer displayed in the 'Domains' section, you need to write to us at or via the form on the site and ask what the status of your domain is. And we will tell you how it can be restored or when the domain can be registered again.

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