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Why didn't the email (phone number) change in my domain (NIC.UA account) after adding a new contact to the NIC.UA account?

In the NIC.UA account there is a menu item "Contacts", which contains all the profiles, each of which contains a set of data (name, address, phone email, etc.).

When you place a new order, for example, domain registration, instead of having to specify the owner's data in the registrant, technical or billing contact fields each time, you can select the profile from the existing contacts (if the data from it suits you). This greatly speeds up the ordering process.

One of the contact profiles that you have in your NIC.UA account is the main one, it contains the data of the owner of the NIC.UA account, and it is also offered as a default profile while placing new orders.

When after registration the owner of the NIC.UA account is selected or the domain is registered with a certain set of data, it is possible to change them only with the help of the support service. Therefore, when you add a new profile to the "Contacts" menu, this does not affect in any way the change of data in your NIC.UA account or in already registered domains.

Contact us, describe in detail where and what you want to change. We will show you how this can be done.

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