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Features of International Domains Registration (RAA Verification)

Registration Features

Registration of an international domain is no different from any other domain zone - you add the domain to the cart, make an order and pay.

There is only one thing special – you must confirm the registrant's (domain owner's) contact email.

Since January 1, 2014 - ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) organization obliges the registrants to confirm contact information, which is indicated in the Registrant data.

A letter is sent to your email at the moment of domain registration. So, your email should be working and receiving letters at the moment of domain registration. Therefore, you should not specify domain email with that same domain in domain data.

How to find the letter and how quickly you need to confirm e-mail

The letter is sent by the registry on behalf of NIC.UA, the text of the letter is written in English and contains the name of your domain and the link to click on.

The domain will wait for email confirmation within 14 days. All this time it will be active. 

If you do not follow the link and confirm your email within 14 days, the registry will set blocking NS in the domain:



You can find the letter by searching in the mail by domain name, it will definitely be in the letter.

Also, check your SPAM folder if you can't find it in the main folder.

If the letter is not in the mail

If you can't find the letter, please let us know at, we'll request a new letter.

If there is an incorrect email in the domain registrant data, just write us at and we will help you update your email in the domain data.

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