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Types of SSL certificates

SSL certificates can be divided into three types:

  • with domain validation (DV);
  • with organization validation (OV);
  • with extended validation (EV).

Which differ in the type of verification of the Certificate Authority.

DV certificates

To get a DV certificate, you just need to confirm that you are the domain owner. For this, an email with a special link and code will be sent to an email address, usually “”. After clicking on the link and entering the code from the letter, the Certification Authority instantly creates and sends a certificate to the same address.

  • Obtaining such a certificate takes less than an hour;
  • The certificate is issued for one domain or for all subdomains (Wildcard certificate).

OV certificates

In addition to domain verification, a certification authority verifies the existence of the organization specified in the certificate request through the government online registry.

  • The speed of obtaining a certificate depends on the speed of data verification by the Certification Authority;
  • The certificate is issued for one domain or for all subdomains (Wildcard certificate).

EV certificates

The certificate requires the most careful verification and thanks to this, upon receipt, you get the company name in the certificate itself.

Note: since 2019, most browsers no longer display the company name in the address bar and do not make the entire bar green.

Such a certificate is issued only for organizations, after checking that an organization exists, owns the domain and the contact details (phone, email) are up to date and work.

  • Due to the large number of checks, issuing a certificate takes 1-2 weeks;
  • A certificate is issued for only one domain name.
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