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Features and limitations of "Let's Encrypt" free SSL certificate

When ordering hosting on NIC.UA, you can immediately get an absolutely free SSL certificate "Let's Encrypt". It certainly will not provide you with insurance for the tens of thousands of dollars for the rare case if it is compromised, but technically it will provide you a secure connection between your site and the visitor of your site.
However, this certificate has certain restrictions that you should be aware of:

  1. You can't have more than 100 domains in one certificate.
    • If you have added a huge number of parked domains to your hosting account, the certificate may not cover them all: due to a technical limitation of 100 domains per certificate;
    • If you have reached the limit, try to remove unnecessary domains: e.g., (where is your domain) from the certificate generation list.
  2. The certificate is valid only for three months.
    • This period is chosen by the Certification Authority — to make sure that each certificate is used by a real website and not just a robot generating certificates for a couple of years ahead;
    • The certificate on NIC.UA hosting will be automatically renewed, so you won't even notice that the validity period is so short;
    • To ensure that the certificate is renewed automatically, check that your .htaccess file provides access to the address (you will get a 404 error when you open this address otherwise).
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