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CSR — certificate signing request

To get the SSL-certificate, you will first need to create a special request for it — CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

You are required to provide the following data:

  1. Domain — domain name that will be covered under this SSL, for example — «».
    • When requesting a certificate with subdomain protection (Wildcard), you must specify the domain name as «*».
  2. Organization — full name of your company. 
    • If you are creating SSL for yourself, just put in your full name.
  3. Department — department of the company that requests a certificate.
    • If you are creating SSL for yourself, just put in «Home».
  4. Country — two-letter country code, according to the international standard. Full list can be fount here. Code for Ukraine — «UA».
  5. State — full name of state/province.
  6. City — full name of city.
  7. Email — your email address.

You can create CSR either when you activate the certificate or on your PC. With the CSR, a private key will be generated — which will be required to install the SSL certificate on the hosting server.

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