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What to do if my TM does not meet the requirements of .UA domain registration.

As you know, the .UA domain can be registered on the basis of a trademark that is valid on the territory of Ukraine. We discussed this in detail in the article on registration of .UA domains.

However, it is not always possible to register the .UA domain from the first time; sometimes, an attempt to register may be refused. Next, let's look at the most common reasons why this can happen:

  • TM does not match the domain. According to the rules of the .UA domain zone: the registered domain name must fully reproduce the verbal designation of the trademark or coincide with the verbal designation of the trademark after removing spaces from it or replacing spaces with hyphens.
  • When registering the .UA domain was used the national trademark of another country (not Ukraine) and not an international TM.
  • When registering the .UA domain, was used an international trademark without territorial expansion to Ukraine in accordance with the Madrid Agreement.
  • There is no trade mark. Sometimes, when placing an order for a .UA domain, instead of TM number someone uses the number of a legal entity in the state registry or another number that is not a trademark number.

Even if your first attempt to register the desired .UA domain was refused, do not despair. Contact our lawyers for a free consultation. They will review your TM case in detail and provide recommendations. If necessary, they can also help you register a new trademark for the desired .UA domain.

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