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Why can't I get .OD.UA domain if same name is taken in .ODESSA.UA / .ODESSA.UA (and vice versa)?

Domain names .OD.UA / .ODESA.UA / .ODESSA.UA have the “mirroring” feature, which does not allow different people to register a domain with the same name. Simple example: if a domain with the name “” already exists, then registering the domain “” will no longer be possible.

This is because when registering one domain, the remaining two are immediately “reserved” for the owner of the first registered name. What's kinda funny is that the domain zone administrator on his website does not even mention mirroring feature at all. You can find out about it only after the fact (we’ll see a mention of “domain reservation” in WHOIS) or by contacting the administrator directly.

Register the "reserved" domain can be done only on behalf of the same owner, with the same registrar. Otherwise, the registration request will be rejected. And you guessed it, you will have to pay separately for each domain ?

If you want to know for sure whether it will be possible to register a particular domain in these domain zones, get in touch with us. We'll be ready to help ?

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