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Premium domain names

In 2014, the event expected by many in the domain sphere happened — the emergence of a huge number of new domain zones (New gTLD).

In most cases, they work in the same way as the familiar .COM / .COM.UA / .CO.UA domain zones. But there is one significant difference: different domains may have different costs. What does it mean?

Let's look at .COM domains: every domain there cost the same. Doesn't matter if it has one character or fifty; if name is a meaningful phrase or gibberish. You will not pay for the new domain more than 470 hryvnias - any domain will have this price.

But what will happen if we register a domain in a new domain zone? Let's look at .SITE domain zone as an example.

Domain will cost as usual, say 1000 hryvnia. But if you want something more meaningful, for example, the domain, then the cost will increase tremendously, and may reach 300 thousand hryvnias.

This is because the domain “” contains the common word. Each new gTLD domain administrator has his own list of domains that he considers “special” and sets a equally special price on them. Moreover, this price is not limited in any way, and domain registrars, including NIC.UA, cannot change it in any way.

Therefore, any short domain or domain with a "beautiful" word (blog. *; rent. *; hosting. *) Is a premium domain and the price for it is much higher.

Please note: it is not always possible to check whether a domain is “premium” before registering. If you ordered a domain, and it turned out to be from the premium domain list, then your order may be canceled. Payment will be refunded to your personal account. If you want to register a domain, contact support to find out the exact cost of registration.

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