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Features of registration of .aero domains

Most domains are registered with no special conditions. However, there are some domain zones, the registration of which is limited by certain requirements. The last mentioned domains include .aero domains. It is possible to register them manually in NIC.UA. The registrant (owner) of the .aero domain can be a person who is involved in the civil aviation community or is involved in the aerospace industry. The .aero registry clearly regulates the list of such organizations, you can get acquainted with it on the page..

If your organization operates in the field of aerospace technology, there is documentary evidence of this, then with a high probability, you will be able to register the .aero domain.

1. Register an Aero-ID for a future person, whose data will be entered in the "Registrant" field on the page Registry Administrator .aero.

2. In the "Contacts" section of your NIC.UA account, create a contact with the data of the domain owner, so that the name of the organization in the Aero-ID and in the created contact is the same.

3. Contact us if you want to register an .aero domain and let us know:

  • name of the desired domain .aero,
  • email of your NIC.UA account,
  • contact in XXXXXXX-NIC format from paragraph (2) of this manual,
  • your Aero-ID.

4. We will generate an invoice that you can pay in your NIC.UA account in a convenient way, after which the domain is submitted for registration.

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