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How to activate PP.UA domain

Activation via SMS

You can use the activation form if you received activation key with SMS:

Activation via Telegram

You can activate PP.UA domain with Telegram messenger if you didn't receive SMS.
Install Telegram on your phone or computer.

Log in with registrant phone number.

Follow steps below to activate the domain:

  • In Telegram searching bar find the @ppuabot, press START.
  • Then press "Send phone number”.
  • You will see "Please select function you wish to execute”.
  • Press “Activate domain” and enter your domain name without
    'www' and 'http://'
  • Then you should agree with PP.UA policy and registrant contact data usage
  • You will see "The domain (your domain) successfully activated."
  • It will be active in 5 minutes in your NIC.UA dashboard.

The whole conversation will be looks like the picture below

Please note, when you will renew the domain in a year, you have to activate it again the same way.

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