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Why the order for a free domain is not being executed

When registering a name in the free domain .PP.UA, customers are faced with the fact that the order is not activated immediately. In this article, we will look at what an order can expect and what actions need to be taken.

1. Email confirmation required: all free orders on our site are available after confirming the contact mail in your NIC.UA account. If you cannot find a letter from NIC.UA or you have not valid email, please apply to support.

2. Payment card binding required: free domains and hosting orders for a trial period are available only after linking a payment card to your NIC.UA account. Why you need it and how to link a card can be found in the article.

3. Activation required: there are also requirements for the .PP.UA domains. Activation is performed using a contact phone number. Article about its activation can be found here.

4. The order is closed. In most cases, this happens due to a restrictions in the .PP.UA domain registry: no more than 3 domains can be registered using the same phone number within 30 days.

In any other case do not hesitate to contact our support.

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