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How to configure DNS records for a domain using NIC.UA name servers

To configure DNS records for a domain using name servers (NS) on NIC.UA, you need to:

  1. Place an order for name servers (NS-servers) for your domain on the "Name Servers" page:
    • to activate name servers, you must confirm your contact mail: if you have not done this yet, then you will receive a letter from NIC.UA while ordering name servers;
    • name servers are provided free of charge for the domains served by NIC.UA.
  2. Set the NIC.UA name servers in the domain:
    • if the domain is served by NIC.UA:
      • go to the "Domains" section and click on the gear next to the required domain. In the "NS-servers" section, select "NIC.UA name servers", click "Change NS".
    • if the domain is served by another registrar: go to the control panel of the domain of that registrar and set the following NS:
  3. Manage your records:
    • Management is in the "Name Servers" section. Click on the gear next to the desired NS and you will see a table with all the records. To make changes, click "Change".
    • For example, in order for a domain to open hosting, you need to enter the hosting IP addresses in the A-records of the domain.

Please note: changes in NS servers and DNS-records may take effect after a period of time — from 4 to 72 hours. This is due to the storage of information about domains at  Internet providers: they save all user's requests and store them for a certain time.

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