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Changes in the maintenance of Russian domains

On February 24, 2022, Russia committed an open military attack on Ukraine and continues to carry out full-scale aggression against Ukraine both in relation to the military and civilians.

Under these circumstances, we are unable to cooperate with Russian registrars providing domain registration services for .RU/.SU/.РФ domains.

If you own a domain in one of these zones and do not want to give it up, you can continue to manage the domain directly on the site of the Russian registrars or Regtime, depending on where the domain is currently located.

If your domain is maintained by Regtime:

  1. 1. Register on the website -
  2. 2. Fill in the form and confirm your data with scanned copies of documents in the "My account" / "My account" / "Confirm data" -
  3. 3. Go to and write a message with a request to transfer the domain under your management (you need to specify the house in question).

If your domain is maintained by, a request to transfer the domain to your account should be submitted on the site - The form should contain the domain or a list of domains to be transferred and details of the administrator (registrant).

In the "Login of the new owner" field, specify the login of your account on the site. In the form add scanned copies of the documents for identification:

  • for individuals: scanned copy of your passport (the main page and the page with the place of registration (residence registration)),
  • for legal entities: scanned copy of taxpayer ID number.

If you have any questions, please contact our support service.

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