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How to prepare a written request to NIC.UA

Certain operations in NIC.UA, for security reasons, are performed upon written request of the user. Such a request includes such a package of documents:

  • signed application using an electronic digital signature or manually,
  • copy of the certificate from the register about the company registration or copy of the charter (for legal entities),
  • scan copies of the passport confirming the identity of the signatory,
  • a portrait photo (selfie) clearly shows a face and both hands holding a piece of paper, which is written by hand (not printed on a printer) the account email and PIN code from the personal account.

A scanned copy of the passport must contain both sides of the ID card and a statement with the address at the place of registration. If you have an old passport, it is necessary to scan 1-5 pages of the passport and the page with the address at the place of registration.

Prepared documents should be sent from the contact mailbox of the account and/or domain registrant to the mailbox

If the company does not have an electronic digital signature, the original application and a copy of the extract from the register/statute are sent to our postal address. Copies of documents are certified by seal, and the manager's signature.

If an individual does not have an electronic digital signature, a photo of the second identity document must be attached to the request.

Preparing a statement, notarizing it, and sending the original document to the postal address is also possible.

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