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How can I send a document with an attached digital signature?

NIC.UA is committed to the use of electronic document management. Therefore, customers can submit requests (applications) in electronic form.

At the moment, the company NIC.UA has accounts in two systems designed for electronic document management.

1. "Vchasno" system — this system does not require any software installation on your computer. How to send a document to us in this system is described in detail in the article "Transfer of documents with electronic digital signature (via service "Vchasno")".

2. Service Paperless is also a system for electronic document management, which does not require the installation of software on your computer. You can read how to send documents in this system in the article "Providing documents via a digital signature (Paperless service)".

In addition, customers can use other solutions for signing documents with a digital signature. For example, you can sign a document with an electronic signature in the "Diia" service.

Attach the signed application to your request and send it from your account contact mail to

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