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COVID-19 complicates the game, but our goal is to win! Are you with us?

COVID-19 keeps everyone on their toes. We’re concerned about the health of our colleagues and clients, so back in March we decided to work remotely and visit the office only to send documents.

But recently, one of our employees got the virus, most likely while sending mail. Now we have decided to completely abandon the “paper circulation”. Only electronic exchange of documents and signing by electronic digital signature (EDS).

To sign and send documents, we use the easy and intuitive vchasno service. How it works read here.

It is legal, fast and safe for health.

Moreover, it is a step towards freedom from “paper dependence”.

Legal force of an electronic signature

What is an electronic digital signature (EDS)?

EDS: instructions for obtaining and using

Yes, the virus does not “travel” on documents. But it can be transmitted by contact in the queue for the parcel.

Let's be among the first to find effective ways to deal with the extreme conditions created by COVID-19!

We will always find a solution, even if the enemy is invisible and insidious!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

We’re united!

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