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How to get a certificate for your domain?

We do not issue certificates for domain names, as the only official confirmation is the record in the administrative contact, this data is specified when you make an order for the domain name.

We can prepare a letter signed with NIC.UA electronic digital signature confirming that the domain is registered (date, administrative contact).

To get this document, please send a request to

In the request, please provide the following information:
- domain name;
- full name of the domain owner or the name of the legal entity that owns the domain.

You can check who is the owner of the domain in your personal NIC.UA account.

For this go to the 'Domains' section, click on the gear button next to the domain order.

In the order properties you will see "Contacts". The 'Registrant' field is the domain owner data.
To view all the domain owner data click on the name specified in the field "Registrant".

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