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How to change the owner of a domain?

To change the owner of a domain, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Download the application (templates for legal entities and individuals are in the attached files). The application need to be filled in by the current domain owner.
  2. Print and fill out the application with the blue pen (if you don't have a printer, you can compose the application by template on A4 sheet).
  3. Send to a scan copy of the filled application in color and good quality (to verify that it is filled out correctly) together with a scan copy of the corresponding document:
    • registration certificates in the Unified State Register — for legal entities;
    • passport or ID-card — for individuals.
      • if there's only one photo in your passport, you need to send 1-3 page scans;
      • if there's a 25-year-old photo in the passport, pages 1-5 are required;
      • if your passport contains a photo when you are 45 years old, you need to send pages 1-7.
      • A scan copy of both sides is sufficient for the ID-card.
    • ⚠️Note for individuals: if you do not have the opportunity to make color passport scan copies, please send photocopies of the necessary pages. You will need to add a photo of the second document issued by the state, which has your photo (driver's license, military ID, etc.) .
  4. Sign your document with electronic signature and send it via Paperless;
  5. If you do not have an electronic signature, send the original application and a certified copy of the relevant document to the address:
    • NIC.UA LLC, PO/BOX 80
      Dnipro, Ukraine
    • legal entities certify the documents with the seal and signature of the CEO;
    • individuals certify the documents with their signature, date and text "The copy is valid".

For individuals it is allowed to change the domain owner on the basis of quality color scan copies of the originals of the necessary documents, after which we will wait for a paper copy by mail. The request from legal entities must be necessarily confirmed by the original application and a copy of the relevant document via mail.
For security reasons, after the change of the domain owner, the repeated change and/or transfer of the domain to another registrar will be possible not earlier than 30 days, and for international domains - 60 days.

⚠️Please note:

  • to confirm the change of ownership in an international domain, the current and future owner will receive two letters to their email addresses. Only after confirmation of the link in the letter the owner of the domain will be changed,
  • if the owner of the domain is not the owner of a personal account on NIC.UA, in which the domain is managed, then, after receiving the documents, the support service will send an additional request with a copy of your application to the e-mail of the owner of the personal account. If the answer from the owner of personal account is not received within 3 days, the request to change the data will be executed.


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