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Domain name deletion

Sometimes there are situations when people or organizations stop developing and supporting their own Internet resources and want to release a domain name for other users.

Such an operation can only be done upon request from the domain name owner (registrant) by filling out and submitting a special form. You can find it in the attachment to the article.

For individuals and legal entities, there are two ways to send a request:

1. Send a scanned copy of the completed form (application) using the Paperless service or Вчасно. To do this, you must have an electronic digital signature.

2. Send paper version of documents by mail:

  • individuals must send:
    • paper version of the completed application,
    • a certified copy of 1-5 pages of the passport (or both sides of the ID-card);
  • legal entities must send:
    • paper version of the completed application,
    • a certified copy of the certificate of state. registration.

Copies of documents are certified as follows:

  • individuals certify with the text "Copy is correct", date and signature,
  • legal entities certify copies with the signature of the responsible person and the seal of the organization.

Please note that domain deletion can take up to 35 days and it will not be available for registration the next day. If you decide to delete the domain for another purpose, we recommend  you to contact our support.


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