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How to transfer a domain from NIC.UA to another registrar?

To open a domain transfer from NIC.UA to another registrar, you first need to check if there is a reason for refusing a domain transfer. And if the domain is ready for transfer, then it remains for you to perform the following steps:
  1. Download the application (templates for legal entities and individuals are in the attached files). The application is needed to be filled in by the owner of the personal account.
  2. Print and fill out the application with a blue ink pen (if you do not have a printer, you can make a statement according to the template by yourself).
  3. Send to a scan copy of the completed application in color and normal quality (to verify the correctness of filling) together with a scan copy of the corresponding document:
  • certificate of registration in the Unified State Register - for legal entities;
  • passports — for individuals;
    • if there is only one photo in the passport, then it is enough scan copies of 1-3 pages or ID card on both sides;
    • if your passport incudes  a photo at 25 years old, then pages 1-5 are also required;
    • f your passport incudes  a photo at 45 years old, then pages 1-7 are also required;
  • Note for individuals: if you do not have the opportunity to make color scan copies of your passport, then send photos of the necessary pages. Then it will needed to add a photo of the second document issued by the state which includes your photo, full name and signature sample (it can be driver’s license, military ID etc.).

Send the original application and a certified copy of the relevant documents to:

  • NIC.UA LLC, PO Box 80
    Dnipro, Ukraine
  • legal entities certify documents with the seal and signature of the responsible person;
  • individuals certify documents with their signature, date and the text “Copy is correct”.

For individuals, a request to open a domain transfer is allowed based on high-quality color scans of the original necessary documents, after which we will wait for a paper documents by mail. The request from legal entities must be confirmed by the original application and a copy of the relevant document.

We can also accept your application in PDF that has your Electronic Digital Signature. For that please send it to us using Paperless system.

After a transfer for your domain is permitted it will be enough for you to go into your personal NIC.UA account in the "Domains" section and get the domain code there - by clicking on the gear from the desired domain and going down the page. You can provide this code to the new registrar to let him create a domain transfer request.

⚠️Please, note:
  • in some domain zones, additional documents or actions on your part may be required;
  • if NIC.UA receives a request from another registrar for a domain transfer, but within three days after that does not receive an appropriate package of documents from client, such a transfer will be rejected.


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