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How to understand the terms and definitions that are used on the site?

Domain (Domain Name) is a unique alphanumeric designation assigned to a specific IP address. A domain name can consist of letters (from A to Z for English-speaking domains, from А to Я for Russian-speaking domains), numbers (from 0 to 9), hyphen “-”. The domain name cannot contain the characters "space", underscore "_" and other special characters.

Hosting is a service for the support and placement of sites on the equipment of a specialized company.

DNS (domain name system) is a protocol and notation system used on the Internet to map IP addresses to user-friendly names.

An IP address is a unique computer address on a local area network or the Internet, consisting of four integers (0 to 255), separated by periods, for example The numeric form of the address is used by computers; for a person, the numerical address is inconvenient, so the domain name replaces it.

Browser is a program that allows the user to view the contents of web pages and navigate from one website to another. Example browser: Internet Explorer / Chrome / Safari etc. URL - page address on the Internet. Example URL:

Spam - Bulk, previously not agreed with the recipients, sending emails of advertising or other nature. These letters often contain viruses.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure tunnel inside a regular network that allows all applications installed on your computer to work through the Internet through our VPN server without additional configuration.

Traffic - The total amount of data, passing through the site. Equal to the sum of incoming and outgoing traffic.

Additional domain (Addon domain) - a domain that points to a separate subfolder in the hosting account in which the separately working site is located. Thus the additional domain function allows you to contain 1 or more sites in one hosting account.

Parked domain (alias) - the domain by which the site is available in addition to the existing name. For example, the site is also available at where is an alias.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol - file transfer protocol) - a protocol through which files are downloaded / uploaded to / from the provider's server.

HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol - a protocol for transporting hypertext) - A protocol for transferring website pages over the Internet.

Server - a computer or a software system that provides remote access to its services or resources for the purpose of exchanging information.

Site - a collection of pages, software modules, providing the presentation of information about the owner via the Internet.

Identification is the process of identifying a user.

Authentication is confirmation that this user is exactly who he claims to be.

SSH is a protocol that provides remote secure access to a computer.

Apache is a service installed on the server that processes user requests via HTTP.

MySql, PostgeSQL - Databases. Used for quick access to structured data. They are characterized by high speed, stability and ease of use.

PERL is a programming language. It is used to provide access to databases, create dynamic pages of guest books, forums, photo galleries, etc.

CPanel is a full-featured hosting control panel that provides the ability to manage the site and domain on the server using a browser.

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