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Is it possible to create Redirect records to redirect from an https address?

It is possible to set up a redirect for a domain using the Redirect record on the NIC.UA nameservers. How to do this is described thoroughly in this article.

The address from which you redirect must be open via http protocol. Usually in the browser it is enough just to specify your domain, such as and it will open via http protocol and immediately redirects to the page you specify in the Redirect entry.

In most cases, this redirect works great.

Some browsers now open pages via https by default. This means that if you enter just in the browser, the browser will try to open it as If you have a redirect from set up on your NS-servers, your browser will not be able to open itself via https. You will see a message saying that the connection is not secure or a warning about a possible security risk. The text may be different in different browsers, but the meaning is the same — it will not open the page.

In this case, you need to use an address that will include the protocol, i.e. it will look like

Is it possible to make the initial address, from which the redirect is performed, also open with the https protocol?

On the NIC.UA NS-servers, such setting is not possible yet, because for the https protocol you must have an activated SSL-certificate for your domain.

You can install SSL on the hosting, to which the domain is directed.

Thus, to open the original address also by the https protocol, you need to connect this domain to the hosting, install SSL for the domain on the hosting and in the .htaccess file set the redirection to https, and then the redirection to the required page.

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