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Available time for domain renewal

Domains unfortunately are not eternal and have an ugly habit to expire at the most inopportune moment.

Fortunately, you almost always have time for a “grace” period. Within 28 days, you can log in to your dashboard and renew the domain at the usual price. Until the domain is renewed, neither your site nor your corporate mail will work.

Don't want to suddenly be offline? Turn on autorenewal!

Please note: new domain expiration date will not be calculated starting from the payment date, but from previous domain expiration date. These are the rules of the domain zone administrator.

And since we talk about administrators, they have one more trick in their sleeve called “domain recovery” (or “RedemptionPeriod”). If you did not renew the domain within 28 days after its expiration, then the renewal becomes unavailable and the only way to get the domain back is to request a restoration.

European domains: .EU and .NL

These domains do not have a “grace” period at all. They must be renewed no later than 1 day before the domain expires. If you failed to renew it on time, domain automatically go to "RedemptionPeriod".

Belarusian domain .BY

The .BY domain also does not have a “grace” period. It must be renewed before the domain expires. If the renewal does not occur, the domain is automatically deleted and auctioned the next month. If there are no bids on the domain until the end of the auction, it becomes available for registration.

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