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If the owner of the domain and the account are different – can I open transfer for the domain?

In NIC.UA domain transfer to another registrar can be opened by request of the account owner, in which this domain is located.

At the same time, there are no requirements that you can register domains only for the account holder's name. In other words, you can register a domain for yourself or for another person in your account.

What should you pay attention to when opening a transfer to another registrar?

Many registrars have a mandatory requirement that the owner of the account and the domain must be the same.

If you transfer a domain to another person who wants to maintain it with another registrar, you need to be sure that this person's data is set as the domain registrant.

If it is not set, you will need to change it.

After a change of registrant data, there are certain restrictions on transfer. For Ukrainian domains after the owner is changed, it is impossible to transfer a domain within 30 days, for international domains it is 60 days.

But in this situation, you can always transfer a domain to the other person's account inside NIC.UA. Domain zone rules do not restrict in any way domain transfer within the same registrar.

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