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Checking the registrant data (FOA) when changing international domains data

According to the innovations of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), starting from December 1, 2016, FOA (Form of Authorization) request is sent in international domains when changing the following fields in the domain owner data (Registrant):

  • Name of the organization;
  • email.

For confirmation, you will receive a notification on the Registrant's contact e-mail (the subject of the letter is: "Change of Registrant request for – New Registrant. Action Required.") to confirm or reject the changes. This letter will contain a link that you should follow within 60 days. The letter will contain the previous data and the new data for which the change is requested.

In case when you set up a new owner in the domain or a new email – the letter with the link will come to the new email address.

If the email does not change, but other data (name, company name) changing, the letter will come to the current email.

Only after confirmation, the changes will be displayed in the registrant data in WHOIS.

There are some important details:

  • The letter to the contact email is sent immediately when changes are made.
  • There are 60 days to confirm or cancel the change request. The letter specifies the date until which this request is active.
  • While the domain is waiting for changes confirmation, other operations (such as NS change) will not be available.
  • If no confirmation is received after the deadline, the request is automatically rejected and the previous data remains in the contact.
  • The confirmation letter is sent from the address of our registrar partner (from "do_not_reply"). This is a mandatory notice, from which you cannot unsubscribe.
  • After a successful change of the registrant (or a successful change in one of the registrant's fields: name/organization/email) in the domain, by default will be set a 60-day transfer lock (status: TransferProhibited).
  • Once a year additional notification email will be sent to the registrant's email. Its purpose is to check whether the letters are delivered to this e-mail and inform about the need to maintain correct contact data.

The purpose of such innovations from ICANN is, first of all, to keep the contact information of domains up-to-date and accurate. The main thing is to specify the e-mail address in the domain contacts, which is active and you have access to it.

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