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How fast domains are registered?

All orders at NIC.UA are executed online, around the clock, without lunch breaks and weekends. As soon as you pay the invoice, orders will be instantly executed. The domain registration time depends on the respective domain zone administrators and registration features.

gTLD domains in most cases will be registered instantly — if you have entered the correct data. If your contact country is “Ukraine” and the index is Cyprus, then such registration will not work.

If we talk about the local domains, then all Ukrainian domains have already switched to the EPP protocol, and therefore registration of such a domain is performed instantly. The exceptions are the free .PP.UA domain and the most important .UA domain.

PP.UA domains require manual activation. That's why the speed of its registration depends on how quickly you activate it   

With a .UA domain, the delay can be up to two weeks — that’s how much an administrator can check if a trademark image matches the name of your domain. In most cases, verification does not take longer than 3-4 business days.

In rare cases, domain registration can take up to 24 hours — if the registry of the desired domain zone is not available, or for other reasons.

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