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Why the card is not linked to the NIC.UA account.

We wrote about how to link the card in the personal account of NIC.UA in the previous instruction.

Today we will consider a case when, in the process of linking a card: after entering the number, expiration date and CVV code, the merchant tries to pre-authorize at 0.00 or 1.00 UAH, after which we receive a standard error from which it is not possible to draw conclusions about the reasons. What could be the difficulty?

Based on experience in checking payment card binding errors, they can all be divided into two categories:

  1. Refusal by the issuing bank.
  2. Refusal by the processing center.

When the issuing bank refuses preauthorization attempt, this can happen in the following situations: failure to pass 3DSecure authentication, with restrictions on card payments on the Internet, when entering the data of a reissued card or a card with insufficient balance etc.

Practically the only case when the processing center blocks the pre-authorization attempt is when the antifraud system is triggered. For example, a user tries to bind a card multiple times, each time getting an error. The processing center perceives this as a suspicious dangerous activity, and the protection against fraud is triggered, blocking such a user for a day.

Hence, we conclude: if, after two attempts to link the card, you receive an error, it is better to make pause, contact the issuing bank, and ask them about the reasons for such an error. After the limitation is solved by the bank, only then try to link the payment card again.

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