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I paid the invoice, why is it still "unpaid" in my account?

The transfer of funds from your credit card to the NIC.UA account in most cases takes no time. But sometimes, due to delays on the part of the bank, a transfer of funds can take from a couple of hours to a day.

In the case of payment by cash at the bank, it may take up to three business days until the bank transfers the funds received from you to NIC.UA. If you pay via bank transfer, then there must be a couple of hours before the transfer of funds is completed.

If you have the correct data in your invoice, then you just need to wait until the funds are transferred by your bank. You can also send us a scanned copy of the receipt or payment order so that we check whether everything is correctly indicated in your details.

Also, such a situation may arise if you create two bills for the same service, and pay only one. The second invoice will remain in your personal account until it is automatically closed after 10 days. So we advise you to check the status of the service in your personal account - is it possible it has already been renewed.

You can monitor the status of your invoices in the "Invoices" section of your personal account.

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