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I paid the invoice few days ago, why my order is still not completed?

If you paid by receipt or by bank transfer several days ago, but your order has not yet been completed, the delay is most likely was a consequence of the following reasons:

  • while creating the payment, the invoice number was not indicated in the field "purpose of payment", therefore a "nameless" payment was received that cannot be identified. This can be easily checked by looking at the payment order issued to you at the bank: the field "purpose of payment" should contain the invoice number. To resolve the issue, please send a scan or photo of the payment order to our support.
  • there has been paid a closed or previously proceeded invoice. When you place an order, the system automatically generates a unique iinvoice like this: 1234-123456. Invoice is valid for exactly 10 days from the moment of creation and it can be paid only 1 time. If, after placing the order, payment was received on the 11th day or later, such an order cannot be completed, since the invoice for it has already been canceled. The same difficulty can arise when you pay the same invoice a second time. The funds you paid are not lost anywhere. Most likely you have already been returned the paid amount to your personal NIC.UA account and as well at your account email there is a notification about that with a request to place an order again by choosing the payment method: "NIC.UA personal account".
  • the invoice was not paid for the exact amount that it was issued. Yes, it is really widespread occasion for the delay in the execution of the order. When an invoice is issued, for example, in the amount of 199.98 UAH, it is much easier to pay the sum leading to the whole: 200 UAH in the payment amount. But we do not recommend doing this, and here is why: for the fastest execution of the order, for the system to automatically recognize the payment and make an invoice proceeded, several conditions must be met: the invoice must be valid, the amount of the invoice and the received sum must match exactly and the "purpose of the payment" must contain the invoice number. All payments that satisfy these criteria are carried out instantly by the system. But if we receive payments with "rounded" amounts, they fall into manual verification, and this delays the execution of the order for some time.
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