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How to change account email (dashboard login)?

Although the function of changing email is not available in your dashboard, it is possible to change the contact email (login) of your account.

To do this, send a request to or create a request on our website by clicking "Contact us" → " Apply to support".

In the request specify that you need to change your account email, also specify from which email to which email you are changing.

Changes must be confirmed in one of the three following ways:

  1. By answering our call from the contact phone number.
  2. Replying to an email from your current mailbox.
  3. Attaching to the request filled application (in attachments) with a digital signature.

Also, mention in your request which method of confirmation you are going to use.

  • For confirmation by contact number, you will only need to answer our call and confirm that you agree with changing your contact mail.
  • For confirmation by email, we will send you a request to the current contact email to which you will need to reply and inform us of your decision, saving the mailing history.


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