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Autoresponders for email (for cPanel hosting)

If you need to notify your colleagues or clients about the vacation, or to confirm receipt of the letter automatically, then you can use the "Autoresponders" function.
The function will allow you to create a letter with text that will be automatically sent from your mailbox. To access the management of this feature, you need to log in to the hosting control panel. To activate automatic replies, open the "E-mail" section, and there — "Autoresponders" icon.
Here the sections “Add / change autoresponder” and “List of current autoresponders” will be displayed.

Add / change autoresponder

To add an autoresponder, click on "Add autoresponder". A menu will appear on the page that opens to create an autoresponder rule.

  • Character Set
    • Choice of the text encoding of the letter;
  • Interval
    • The number of hours to wait between responses to the same email address;
  • Email & domain
    • The address of your mail from which the auto reply will be sent;
  • From
    • The name that will be displayed in the "From" field of your automatic reply;
  • Subject
    • Subject of automatic reply;
  • Body
    • Body of automatic reply;
  • Start / Stop
    • You can set the period in which auto replies will be sent.
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