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Why is my .ECO domain name on serverHold?

If you care about the planet, a .ECO domain name is a great way to show it. The .ECO domains are available for projects that have existed for many years and for your new idea. A legal entity (organization) and an individual can register such a domain.

Immediately after registering a .ECO domain, you may find it has a serverHold status. To activate the domain, you need to fill out your ECO profile.

How do I create my .eco profile and remove serverHold from my domain?

Once you've registered a .ECO domain, you'll need to set up a .ECO profile before you can use your new domain.

You should receive an activation email from with the subject line "Activate [yourdomain].eco". This email should be sent to the email address you used to register your .eco domain. If you are using domain privacy, the email will be sent to the privacy email address that your domain registrar creates for you. The email contains a unique link for you to configure your .ECO profile.

If you can't find this email, you can have it resent using the 'Resend activation email' tool - You can enter the .eco domain name you're trying to activate on this page. The activation email will be sent to the email address associated with the domain name.

What happens if I don't remove serverHold from my .eco domain?

You won't be able to:

  • access your .ECO domain on the Internet,
  • configure it to use it with your website, email, or any other services,
  • redirect it to any other website that you own or manage.

Having serverHold status applied to the domain will not impact your ability to renew or transfer the domain.

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