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Setting up The Bat

Before setting up your email client, you need to create mailboxes in the control panel of the hosting account, assigning them a name and password.

In the main window of The Bat! select the menu item Mail | New mailbox, in the dialog menu that opens, specify the name of the mailbox to be created, for example, “” and click “Next”:

In the next window please fill in the contact details, they will be substituted when composing the letters, after filling, click "Next":

Specify the server for incoming and outgoing mail. Information about them can be found in the preferences of the created email in your hosting account menu. 

Be sure to enable the option "My SMTP server requires authorization":

As the user, specify the full name of the mailbox, for example, “”, as well as the password assigned to this mailbox when creating in the control panel:

In the next window, set the checkbox for additional options and click "Finish":

If your ISP blocks sending outgoing mail through standard port 25 (this is manifested in the inability to connect to the server when sending an email).

Then install an additional port. Select the “Transport” tab in the left menu, then in the “Sending mail” area, replace port 25, Sending mail - connection "Secure to special port (TLS)" 465. Fill in the field to the SMTP server where the server is located on your account.

Account for The Bat!  is configured.

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