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How to reassign main domain on hosting in Direct Admin

There are times when we no longer need one domain on a hosting account with several sites, and we want to delete it. When this domain for such a site is additional, there are no difficulties here. But what if this domain is the primary one?

In this case, we first need to set the another domain as a main on the hosting account, and only then we can delete the unnecessary site and its domain.

Now we will find out, how to reassign the main domain:

1. In your NIC.UA account in the "Hosting" section, click on the "Control Panel" button:

2.  Go to the Direct Admin control panel and select the "Domain Setup" option in the "Account Manager" menu.

3. Put a checkbox to the left of the domain we need and click the "Set as default" button.

4. Contact the NIC.UA support service with a request to change the main domain in the hosting order of your NIC.UA account, and write:

  • hosting order number,
  • old domain,
  • new domain,
  • pin-code from the "Dashboard" menu in NIC.UA.
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