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I deleted the hosting system files. What should I do?

When you open the file manager on your hosting for the first time, you will notice many folders there.

A lot of folders seem to be empty when you open them.

In which one of them upload site files may seem unclear.

The first reaction of many users is to delete all these folders and upload your site in a clean and beautiful hosting. Probably create a folder with the name of your site.

As a result, the site from such a hosting account simply will not open.


All these folders are filled with system files, which are necessary for the correct functioning of your site so when your domain is requested by the server IP address, the server knows where to look for your site files.

Empty folders also contain system files, they are just hidden.

You should upload your site files to the public_html folder. This process described step by step in the instructions for your hosting control panel: Direct Admin or cPanel.

What to do if you have already deleted them and everything is no longer working?

We can recreate your hosting account.

That means, it will be as if you just ordered it – all system files and folders are in place, and your site is not yet loaded. You will need to upload your site files to it.

To recreate your hosting account, write us at or through the form on the site and tell that you have deleted all the files and need to recreate your hosting, specify the hosting order number and pin code for support from your dashboard.

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