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What is an SSL Certificate?

Almost every site on the Internet now has a URL that begins with "https". And this very "s" means that your connection is secured using SSL.

What is this "SSL"? Technically speaking, it is a cryptographic protocol for encrypting data as it travels over a computer network.

When using SSL, a secure tunnel is created between the server and the client, from which it is impossible to intercept any data, because it will be in the form of a complete gibberish, which will take a couple of years or more to decipher.

Thanks to such strong protection, you can always be sure that even connecting from a public Wi-Fi to the service via an SSL connection, your data will be safe from third parties.

⚠️ Please note: SSL will not be able to protect your data if malware is installed on your phone/laptop or on the server you are connecting to. An HTTPS connection can only protect the data link, not the endpoints.

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