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I have a hosting, how to connect my domain to it?

Connecting a domain to your hosting can be done in two main ways: setting up an IP address in A-record or changing the name servers.

Note: in NIC.UA we use the first option that is listed above. To set up your domain to NIC.UA hosting, all you have to do is change an IP address in DNS records.

Let's look at both options individually. First, setting up the IP address:

  1. You should receive the IP address of the hosting server from your hosting provider.
    • At NIC.UA you can see the IP of your server on the "Hosting" page - just click on the gear near your hosting order.
  2. You need to create two primary DNS records on your domain name servers:
    • name: @ / type: А / IP: ip of hosting server;
    • name: www / type: А / IP: ip of hosting server;
    • these records are enough to open and;
    • if you use NIC.UA name servers, their management is located in the "Name Servers" menu of your NIC.UA account;

If you were provided with a list of name servers:

  1. Open the "Domains" section;
  2. Click on the gear next to the domain and find the NS-servers section;
  3. Select "Custom name servers" and delete everything that is there now;
  4. Enter the provided name servers to save.

⚠️Note: Changing of the NS-servers or DNS-records can take effect from 4 to 72 hours but not immediately. That happens due to the storage of domain information by ISPs - they cache all requests from users and store them for a certain period of time. And until this DNS cache is updated, the domain will open old records.

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