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How to create a subdomain?

The subdomain allows you to divide a site into separate categories, highlighting for each of them a separate record on the name servers. This will allow you to place subdomains and the main domain on different hosting servers, and create a memorable name for each section.
There is no need to dig deep for an example: the NIC.UA Knowledge Base, located on the subdomain And there is also where we post all useful information and of course for our annual giveaway.
So if you want to create a subdomain for yourself, let's start configuring it.

⚠️To create a subdomain, your domain must use NIC.UA name servers.

Open the "Name servers (NS)" section and go to the DNS records settings by clicking on the gear next to the name servers; and then on "Change" next to the DNS-records:

A menu will open for editing and adding DNS records. To create a subdomain that will be directed to hosting, you need to click on "Add record" and create DNS record like this:

  • Name: subdomain 
  • Type: А
  • IPv4 address of host: (your hosting IP) 

You can choose any subdomain name, and their number is limited only by your imagination. The subdomain can also be a record of any type: CNAME / TXT / and so on. In the screenshot below, three subdomains are created:

  •, which is located on the same hosting as
  •, who refers to NIC.UA
  •, that redirects to

Now click the "Save" button and wait for your ISP to update the DNS cache. Usually the update takes from a couple of hours up to a day.

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