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How to point a domain to your IP

Quite often services provide an IP address to configure a domain; also, if you use your own server, the IP address is the one you use.

This method is more convenient than specifying the service's NS servers because you have full control over DNS records. This means that you can host the site on one service, and set up a domain mail on the other, and configure mail records for the domain yourself on the NS-servers.

It is important to remember, the domain will be pointed according to the records from those NS-servers, which were set in it. If you want to use third-party NS servers for the domain, then the IP address and other records should be specified there.

Or you can install NIC.UA NS-servers in the domain. For all domains in the NIC.UA name servers (NS) are available free of charge.

To direct a domain to your IP with NIC.UA NS-servers you need to make two simple steps:

  1. Change name servers in domain preferences.
    • Go to 'Domains' menu
    • Click on the gear button next to the domain
    • In section 'NS-servers' choose 'NIC.UA name servers'
    • Then click 'Change NS'.
  2. Change IP at name servers
    • Open 'Name servers' section
    • Click on the gear button next to the domain
    • Click 'Change' next to 'DNS-records'
    • In all fields with A-records replace with your server IP
    • Save changes

If you have deleted the default records, you can easily add them yourself.
For the main domain use @ record name, for the subdomain use the www name.

Similarly with any subdomains, for example, — use only the name of subdomain 'sub' for record name. You can find more information exactly about adding records for subdomains here.

⚠️Note: after changing NS servers and/or DNS records you will probably need to wait for a few hours for DNS propagation. After that, your mail and website will work.

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