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Dedicated IP address on the hosting

In addition to hosting services for sites, we provide the ability to order a dedicated IP address. In this article we will consider why you need it and what are the benefits of using it.

By default, all users whose accounts are hosted on the same server are provided with one shared IP address. For an additional fee, you can use a dedicated IP address for your hosting account.

The advantages of its use are:

1. Protection against possible blacklisting

Accounts for completely different sites are placed on the server at the same time. These accounts can also be used for mail. The IP address of the hosting may be blacklisted if one of the "neighbors" places a resource with prohibited content, violates the rules of search engines, etc. or sends spam to other users of the network.

Having a dedicated IP address will ensure the stable operation of your resource, regardless of the rating of the shared server address.

2. Protection against DDOS-attacks

An attack on one of the hosting users can temporarily disrupt all sites on the server. Having a dedicated IP address is guaranteed to protect against some types of such attacks.

The current cost of the service is available on the page "Hosting" - in the section "Additional services".

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