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Configuring of email Forwarding

There is a common practice in corporate mail - to receive one letter at once by several employees. For this you will need forwarding that you can configure on the hosting in NIC.UA.

First of all, go to the DirectAdmin hosting panel and select "Forwarders" from the "E-mail Manager" section.

At the next stage, specify from which accounts you want to redirect emails. Under the line "New Forwarder Name", select the domain and enter the username, for example: Adjust the number of mailboxes using the "+ Add" buttons.

Then under the line "Destination" fill in the data, to which users it is needed to forward the received letters. For example:, You can specify both domain mail accounts and mailboxes on other services - their number is regulated in the same way.

After filling out the form fields, click the "Create" button and wait for the notification of the successful creation of the forward (the notification will appear in the lower right corner of the screen).

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