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How do I create my own backups on hosting with cPanel

Before starting any changes on the hosting or on the site, we recommend that you back up the section that will be subject to changes.

You can create backups in the "Backup" section of the cPanel hosting panel.

Let's consider what kind of backups you can make in this section.

1. Full backup of your hosting account.

In this case, the server will create a full backup of the entire hosting account (including email, databases, system files, site files, etc.).

By default, the archive is saved in the user folder and takes up disk space. If the hosting uses more than 50 percent of the allocated disk memory, such an archive should be saved on a remote FTP server.

2. Home Directory backup

If you select such a backup, an archive will be downloaded to your computer, which will contain the user's home directory (it is loaded when you enter the "File Manager" section).

As part of such a copy, files of all sites, e-mails and other materials are saved, which will be stored on disk.

3. Database backup

This backup option allows you to make a copy of an existing database on a local computer.

Please note: that backups are regularly performed using the server tools. If necessary, you can contact support and clarify which copies are available.

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