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Root causes of "serverHold" status

In some cases, the domain zone registry can suspend your domain by setting "serverHold" status. This status is not showed in your dashboard, but you can check it through the WHOIS protocol, for example, on the

The reasons for this status may be:

  1. Contact mail of domain registrant (for international domains) is not confirmed;
  2. Contact information of the registrant is incomplete or obviously incorrect (for example, instead of the real name in the domain it have something like "Big Pawed Cat");
  3. The domain zone registry received a complaint about your domain and considered it legitimate (usually due to spamming or using the domain for other illegal activities).

Depending on the domain zone, there may be more reasons, but these are the main ones. If you have seen this status in your domain, you should write to us. We will be able to find out directly what the reason for the blocking is, how to remove it and whether it is possible at all.

You can also check the email of the domain registrant: in most cases, the registry notifies you of the blocking.

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