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How to hide WHOIS data?

When registering a domain name, all the contact information you provide will be visible by default through the WHOIS protocol. These are the requirements of ICANN, the international organization that manages domain names.
But many governments adopt certain laws to protect the personal data of citizens. For example, because of such a law in Ukraine, all Ukrainian domains do not display information about the domain owner. (The exception is the free PP.UA domain).

International domain names meanwhile keep all the data open. However, no one forbids hiding it after registering a domain - but only if such service is supported in the domain zone. Therefore, if you want to know exactly whether it will be possible to hide the data, you should contact our support.

Data hiding is currently implemented by replacing your contact in the domain with a NIC.UA contact. Thus, NIC.UA becomes your representative and your data will not be visible for the public. The service is free and is provided for those domains that do not prohibit data hiding. You will only need to confirm the contact swap by clicking on the link in the letter that you receive.

To hide the data, write a support request, provide the domain name and PIN code for support from your personal account (4 digits).

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