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Additional FTP Accounts

If you want to share access to your hosting for file uploads, and there is no desire to give the main login/password from the hosting, you can create an additional FTP account just for this.

To create it, first open your hosting control panel. You need to find and click on "FTP Management" under "Account Manager" icon. And here you can find "Create FTP Account" button. Hit it.

  1. FTP Username: account name
  2. Enter password: come up with a password and enter it
  3. Account type: you have 4 types to choose from:
    • "Domain": account will have access to /domains/ 
    • "FTP": account will have access to /domains/ 
    • "User": account will have access to /domains/
    • "Custom": you can choose directory by yourself. To provide access to all hosting directories, make sure the path is empty.
    • Click "Create" and your account will be ready to use.

Now you can provide the account login (you can see it in the "FTP accounts" table) and the password to another person.

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