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How to connect your domain with NIC.UA hosting

To connect your domain with hosting in NIC.UA you should make just two steps:

  1. Change name servers in domain preferences.
    • Go to 'Domains' menu
    • Click on gear button next to the domain
    • In section 'NS-servers' choose 'NIC.UA name servers'
    • Then click 'Change NS'.
  2. Change IP at name servers
    • Open 'Name servers' section
    • Click on the gear button next to the domain
    • Click 'Change' next to 'DNS-records'
    • In all fields with A-records replace with your hosting server IP (you can always find it in your hosting order preferences)
    • Save changes

⚠️Note: after changing NS servers and/or DNS records you will probably need to wait for a few hours for DNS propagation. After that, your mail and website will work.

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