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What if there is no access to the hosting panel, PhpMyAdmin, Webmail?

If there are errors while logging into the hosting panel, website, phpMyAdmin or Webmail, first check if you are using a proxy or firewall (these programs may block access).

If these steps did not help in resolving the error, please contact support in online-chat and provide the following information:

  • hosting order number or main hosting domain;
  • your IP address from which you connect to the server (you can find it here —;
  • pin-code for support from the "Dashboard" section in your NIC.UA account.

This error could have occurred for several reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • exceeding the limit of connections to the server via HTTP / HTTPS protocols,
  • authorization attempts in the panel, on the mail server, etc. with the wrong password.

If you previously have made some changes on the site or there were attempts to log in, please also specify this while contacting support.

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