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I added my own NS servers and they were saved in the wrong order

To set up a domain, hosting providers and website building platforms will often give you a list of NS servers.

These NS servers will contain information of which server your domain should open the website from or receive emails, for example.

You can set the name servers for the service you use in your domain settings as shown in these instructions.

Often you can see a situation where you were given a list of name servers in a certain order, such as, and, you save them and see, and

What does this mean and what should to do?

The order of the name servers has no effect on the performance of your site. They all contain information about the hosting server and they will all point your domain to the right place. In addition, the information may be taken from the NS servers in a random order when retrieving the domain data.

Thus, the order in which the NS-servers are saved or in which you put them yourself is absolutely irrelevant.

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